OSIM stands for ” Organization for the Survival of Indigenous Maasai”. Firstly, the owner DR. David Ole Sankok is a typical Maasai whose survival is a miracle. i.e

  • When a child with disabilities is born in the Maasai community, it is a sign of a curse (Engoki) which should be eliminated immediately. Therefore such kids where fed with hot cholesterol to block the child digestive system thereafter dying of starvation in a lot of pain.
  • Maasai people are always at war with their neighbours and wild animals. How OSIM owner with physical disabilities survived looking after livestock. In the Jungle full of man-eaters, beasts and the aggression of herbivores like buffaloes is surely a God’s miracle.

Secondly, for the rich Maasai culture to survive the modern, dynamic and ever-willing to assimilate civilization and westernization is another miracle that have stood the test of time

About us


A vibrant hospitality industry promoting intermingling of the world population irrespective of their wealth, skin color or race.


To break social prejudice in all aspects of political, racial, economic and social-cultural barriers.

Osim Country Lodge is now a year old and the idea was conceived to give low class, middle class and upper class earners a chance to mingle for once in harmony without social or economic barriers. This is made possible since Osim is cheap and modern, and therefore attracts peoples from all occupations.

Our uniqueness

Osim Country Lodge is a unique hotel in a unique class built with locally available materials blended in both Maasai culture and modern civilization. It is the only hotel in the world that allows clients with live animals for slaughter, roast, boil and thereafter enjoy the fruits of their hands. All this is done with assistance from Osim staff and in a typical Maasai set up.



  • Honeymoon retreat (Lover's nest)
  • Conference
  • Spot fishing
  • Game drive in the Maasai Mara game reserve
  • Buffet
  • Maasai dishes
  • Kids' jungle gym
  • Accommodation either in Maasai manyattas or modern rooms
  • Camping
  • Wild fruits and veges
  • Team building
  • Drinks (both soft and wines)
  • Nature walk along the Ewaso Nyiro river
  • Kids' cars
  • Goats for slaughter

Room features

  • Spacious, with three seater sofa set and arm chairs
  • 6X6 orthopaedic mattress on a king size bed
  • Hot shower/bathtub
  • Constant supply of clean underground water

The Lovers' nest

OSIM lovers nest is a unique perched house on a gigantic acacia tree. The self-contained nest gives the love birds a clear view of the meandering whispering Ewaso Ngiro River. The umbrella shaped acacia tree and the river produce a cool breeze to the pleasure of the occupants of this unique perched house ideal for honeymoon.

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Booking instructions:

  1. Fill the booking form and describe the type of room/accommodation you want
  2. Wait for a confirmation email
  3. Pay when you arrive

Our 2016 rates:

  • Our standard rooms, Masai Manyatta self contained-rooms and tents at Ksh.1,500.00 per night on bed only basis for a single room and Ksh.2,000.00 per night on bed only basis for a Double room.
  • We have new Executive rooms which are more spacious with a 6 by 6 bed and orthopaedic mattresses, bathtub and hot showers at Ksh.2,500.00 per night on bed only basis for a single room and Ksh.3,000.00 per night on bed only basis for a double room.
  • The Lovers nest (treetop hotel) costs Ksh.5,000.00 per night.
  • Breakfast is Ksh.500.00 or USD.5.00 per person.
  • Lunch is Ksh.1,500.00 or USD.15.00 per person.
  • Children below 03 years stay free of charge.

Free services:

  • Bird watching
  • Spot fishing
  • Kids jungle gym
  • Nature walk

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Phone: +254 721417513/+254 714044689
Email: dsankok@yahoo.com
Email: info@osimtours.co.ke

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